Current KIXLAB Projects

Rally(아, 쫌!): Facilitate communication between decision maker & citizens by empowering citizen’s voice with crowdsourced petition

Often complaints and request from community members’ happen in an ad-hoc manner, in turn, it couldn’t draw the attention from the decision maker. We propose a crowdsourced petition platform Rally to empower the community members’ voice with unified communication pipeline to the decision maker. We focus on the petition which is one of the most common protocols between community members’ and decision makers.

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2017 Winter Intern Projects

Kyungje Jo: Learning Diverse Language Expressions through Video-mining
Jaesung Huh: Assisting essay writing through showing counter-arguments
Deokseong Kim: Constructing personas by using clusters of Instagram user activities

RecipeScape: Mining and Analyzing Diverse Processes in Cooking Recipes

In this research, we explore how analyzing cooking recipes in aggregate and in scale helps discovering the core values in the collective cooking culture, and answer fundamental questions like ‘‘what makes a chocolate chip cookie a chocolate chip cookie’’. Aspiring cooks, professional chefs and cooking hobbyists share their recipes online resulting in thousands of different procedural instructions towards a shared goal. We introduce RecipeScape, a prototype interface which supports visually querying, browsing and comparing cooking recipes at scale. We also present the underlying computational pipeline of RecipeScape that scrapes recipes online, extracts their structural semantics from ingredient and instruction information, constructs a procedural graphical representation, and computes similarity between pairs of recipes.

Joint research project with Stanford University

2016 Summer Intern Projects

Hyungyu Shin: Improving contents of lecture video by leveraging students’ questions
Hyeungshik Jung: Annotation interface for watching learning video in mobile devices
Dongkwan Kim: Identifying contributing factors of pairwise affinity between politicians
Jiwoo Park: Online Interface that Promotes Higher Level Questions
Taekyung Park: The Effect of Emphasizing Community and Individual Value in Learners’ Engagement in Activities

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We are part of the HCI@KAIST research group.


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